BWM R Nine T

To ride a motorbike is to search for freedom. The R nineT is your companion on this journey. The here and now is the only thing that counts. The sky above and the road beneath you. And in the middle it’s only you and the nine. An inseparable entity, pure symbiosis.

Clear and reduced: the nineT is deeply rooted in BMW boxer history. Meticulously equipped with high-quality parts and a uniquely cool visual appeal.

You want to make more serious changes to the look and character of your R nineT? If you have the know-how then there’s (almost) nothing to stop you. If you want to be on the safe side, take your nineT to a Customizer or a mechanic in whom you trust.

The end section of the rear frame can be removed for solo riding. The wiring harness is designed separately for vehicle and engine functions. In this way you can install alternative electrical components without affecting the engine. The proven upside-down telefork offers a number of Customizing options. The rear axle housing provides three mounting points, e.g. for a stylish number plate frame. There is so much room between silencer and rear swing that even a 6 inch 200 mm wheel can be fitted.

source: BMW Motorrad

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