Custom HONDA CB550 by Hammerbike

s we said before, the  workshops of the custom bicycles are everywhere around the world. They produce a model of the wishes of the home customers, or so international brand if the workshop is enough famous. But some hand made motorcycle makers, build a bicycle, based of own ideas to get some more unique two wheel vehicle. What is interesting about this model will have a presentation today (Custom Honda CB550)? That is the location of the workshop which produced this bike. First, do you ever have heard of Roman Molchanov? He is the founder of the workshop “Hammerbike”. It is located in northern Russia, actually in Siberia. If you did not know, Siberia is the size of about 13 million square meters and is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the World. It is therefore interesting as in a cold desert, built a workshop, and then models of motorcycles, conversions, which are very interesting for the whole population.

The model we have shown now, is a handmade product of Roman. The base model is Honda CB550 1979.






Because of the location, often problems arise in the supply and delivery of necessary parts. Specifically for this Honda, Roman procures parts from Japan. The rest of the needed parts orders from e-Bay. What could not be delivered, was produced by himself in “Hammerbike”. All compact product, you can look at the following pictures, which we take from the website of the workshop “Hammerbike”. And, what is your opinion about this weird model and the work of Roman?