Hagakure’s Project – Zen Motorcycles

Replica of a machine design antediluvian, re-using standards of racing machines on wooden ring in 1905 /1915. With a full rigid bike, no shock, no gearbox, only a clutch to launch the 115 Kilogram and 90 Horsepower of the destroyer!

The original Hagakure was made in Japan in 1995, this bike was a beauty, with a Shovel inside. Nobody see this bike, just picture of it, so i decide one day to make my own. So it’s a tribute. First to the guys of the beginning of the the last century, who ride this kind of bike at 100 Miles/Hour, with no real protection. And first to the Japanese creator of this amazing motorcycles.

It is with this exceptional machine i decided to go in Bonneville, Utah, US in 2011, and trying to break a personal record. Run faster than 120 Miles/Hour (200 Km/H a psychological speed). In august 2011 i run at 126 Miles/Hour (208 Km/H). This is not my first run on the salts, i go faster in 2009 with the XLCR. But with this kind of bike, it was absolutely frightening, but gorgeous to.

Source: Zen Motorcycles