Interior Design: Eclectic Brooklyn Loft Apartment

mblr founder David Karp inhabits this stunning loft apartment in Brooklyn. Its eclectic approach to interior design mixes iconic elements from different points in history to create a diverse, yet coherent look. Take a look!


The design may look haphazard, but the strategic use of carefully-balanced colours draws the kitchen area together visually, with plants to soften the look.


The half-dissembled motorcycle is a bold centerpiece for a no-frills work area – showing that interior design isn’t always just about what you put in, but what you leave out.


Industrial elements combined with a touch of 19th-Century glamour make for a refreshing visual appeal of its own.


Space can speak for itself, as this photo shows: here the architecture of the loft itself is on display, with the furniture arranged sparsely with plenty of space to go around.


A carpet of emerald green lends colour to the room – a subtle centerpiece.

Source: Castlery