Editor’s note: It’s a bit old news, but hey, it’s still sad news! Another sad thing: these helmets are so f*ck/n’ expensive…

Les Ateliers Ruby always seemed like one of those super fancy trinket shops in Beverly Hills or in some fancy beach city, where you know there’s no way they sell enough to cover the rent.

I’ve always assumed shops like that were the side project of some rich person’s significant other, with its main value in giving them an identity or something to do all day.

Ruby Helmets, or the Rolls Royce of helmets, were always a little too expensive and a little too elitist for their own good. Of the four people I know who own one, only one would dare ride in it. The rest were relegated to being put on display on a bookshelf or man cave wall.

There’s no doubt they make (made) a beautiful product. The Castel is absolutely gorgeous and the BMW Munich 90 edition may be the closest thing yet to aesthetic perfection. The thing is, while motorcyclists are willing to spend a good deal of money on the purely aesthetic, there is a certain line which we all dare not cross, which happens somewhere in the “$1,000 for a helmet that doesn’t do anything but look cool” range.

The French company, which was actually somehow formally called Studio Pilot, went into liquidation yesterday. Their site is down, as of today, and their online retailers have all already put up notices saying they won’t be able to fill any more orders for the high-end lid.

While unsurprised, I will say I’m sad to see them go. While I, and most of the two-wheeled universe, would never buy one of the late company’s helmets or jackets, I won’t hate on products for the wealthy.

Source: Revzilla