Metallica 850, built on the basis of an old and glorious Moto Guzzi 850 T3

The idea of metal, aluminum, iron and steel.
An ‘idea for a motorcycle, an idea for a project, an idea for a dream.
Built on the basis of an old and glorious Moto Guzzi 850 T3.
A motorcycle is characterized by enormous care for the finishes, from refined to detail and sempliciazione taken to its extreme.
A bike built to be driven and not just looked at, with adjustable suspension, a comfortable seat, a lightweight aluminum body and powerful brakes.
Built in one piece 001/001 as all our realization, never the same, never copies, not to misrepresent the concept of special, unique motorcycle, tailor made motorcycle.

Builder : Filippo Barbacane
Rider : Filippo Barbacane
Shot by : Filippo Barbacane
Giuliano Panaccio
Edited by : Filippo Barbacane
Post-produced by : Giuliano Panaccio
City : Pescara – Abruzzo – ITALIA

Source: Vimeo


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