Yamaha SR250 FN by First Notion

Sometimes… things get out of hand. This is exactly what happened with that trusty Yamaha SR250 sitting in our garage. Initially we were too busy doing other things, but our mechanic began to breed on the wildest ideas. Occasionally we had a complete “Dude forget it…” discussion but in the end we had to cope with our lack of influence!


The Yamaha SR250 is known to most as a reliable little commuter, the one-can-do-it-all motorcycle that’s easy on the fuel consumption, isn’t too “wicked” in terms of looks (yes even the wife will let you buy one) and in terms of marketing is the “ideal two wheeled companion for a responsible driver to go from point A to B”.

The Yamaha SR250 by The First Notion

Not too much changed… it still is a little commuter, well… sort of.
The First Notion Yamaha SR250 is certainly a bike that takes you from A to B, it’s still easy on the fuel consumption, it takes you to the store and back (tested daily by us!) and makes you hop on the bike whenever you want to.
Chance is the wife will be a bit more intimidated by our sexy single mono monster, the neighbor won’t be too happy with the exhaust we made and the average bikers will hate you for having the coolest thing in town but the world can’t be perfect of course!


Do not expect a “build” list of this motorcycle. Our mechanic went bezerk on the Yammie. All we know is we saw him kill an original subframe with a grinder, sculpt beauty with a TIG welder and in between molded an all alloy seat. Not to mention the carbon fiber, the lost Adreani tuned rear shock, the classy Italian leather seat (where the hell did he get this leather, it’s smoother than my jacket?!) and loads more.

The end result is a Slim Sexy Single!

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Source: First Notion (Belgium!)