Zadig Motorcycles

” Zadig Moorcycles? Where’s the catch? I’m seeing custom motorcycles adorned by truly stunning ladies, or is it the other way around; and reading about philanthropy and helping sick children. I know that balsamic vinegar goes well with strawberries but that took some convincing. Zadig Motorcycles is bringing something new to the custom table by way of a non-profit organisation, raising money though building bikes to help children inflicted by life threatening diseases. Sounds like a first to me.

Based in Belgium, the company is run by Fabian, a builder of a different sort. By day Fabian flexes his engineering muscle constructing and setting up data centres, and by night the accurate and defined are replaced by creativity and artistic flair.

Those of you familiar with the works of 18th Century writer Voltaire will know the story of Zadig, the Babylonian philosopher. Those who are not, Google it. Essentially Voltaire believed in freedom of expression, which sums up the individual style expressed in the bikes.

To delve deep enough to tap into his reserve of creative juices, Fabian immerses himself into the character of the person who he would want to ride the finished bike. Once the bikes are done the rounds and whipped up enough interest they are sold to the highest bidder, proceeds going towards helping sick children.

To keep the charitable motor running there are always new projects on the bench.”

Posted by Ross Sharp on Oct 17, 2014 – The Bike Shed. 

Source: Zadig Motorcycles